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Boston Hope at the BCEC is Leading with Technology

 Several weeks ago, the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center was transformed into a 1,000-bed field hospital for COVID-19 patients, also known as Boston Hope. The Boston Hope medical center is a joint effort between the city of Boston, the state of Massachusetts, and two local nonprofits - Partners HealthCare and Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program.

The transformation of the BCEC into a hospital took less than a week thanks to the facility’s impressive technological capabilities and the incredible support provided by the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA). The Authority’s Engineering & Maintenance Team worked around the clock to ensure the seamless completion of the project, just as they do for all clients of the facility.

“The MCCA has been at the forefront of the meetings and events industry when it comes to investing in technology and talent to leverage our capabilities,” said David Gibbons, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority. “Our reputation among our industry peers and customers is well earned and our ability to configure and deliver key services based on each client’s unique needs is what sets us apart.”

The field hospital is mainly for patients who have already been treated by medical professionals but aren’t well enough to go home, and there are only 10 beds for acute or critical care.

According to Brian Golden, director of the Boston Planning and Development Agency, when it comes to technology, the number of critical care beds is the only limitation at Boston Hope.

“If you walked in there today, I think you’d be very impressed by what that hospital looks like,” he said in a statement for Government Technology. “It has all the sophisticated technology and capabilities of any major American medical center.”

Further, industry analyst Craig Settles told Government Technology that Boston Hope’s telehealth capabilities go beyond mere video chats and basic health monitoring. The facility is able to facilitate a continuum of care through the Internet. Professionals at Boston Hope can “observe, diagnose, initiate or otherwise medically intervene, administer, monitor, record and/or report” in a way that leads to the full recovery of patients.

In an interview with Settles, John Campbell, Chief Information Officer for a division of Partners Healthcare, said telehealth will be essential to overcoming the threat of COVID-19 in the near and distant future.

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