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Boston is the Best Hospital City in the Nation and Second-Best in the World

Medbelle, a London and Berlin-based startup and the first ever “digital hospital”, recently published a study ranking the best hospital cities in the world. Instead of focusing on individual hospitals, researchers analyzed the overall hospital ecosystem in a specific area based on three main factors - infrastructure, quality of care, and access. Additional elements ranging from the quality of medical education and the number of hospital beds, to cancer survival rates, number of nurses, as well as cost of medicine and the prevalence of mental health specialists, were also included in the study.

Boston ranked number one in the United States, leading in categories like hospital beds per capita, nurses per capita, surgeons per capita, mental health specialists per capita, top-ranking medical universities, and top-ranking hospitals.

According to Daniel Kolb, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Medbelle, the US has the highest number of top-ranking hospital cities and esteemed medical universities, but many cities fall short when it comes to access. So, even though a city may have one of the best medical infrastructures worldwide, the percentage of its citizens who can take advantage is often low.

Worldwide, Boston was ranked second after Tokyo which dominated in hospital beds per capita and top-ranking hospitals.

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