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Boston Named One of 22 Best Cities in the World for Tech

Did you know? Boston is an international leader in the creation of high tech jobs. Not only are we a leader in software development, cloud, communications, big data, complex analytics, robotics, artificial intelligence, and security; but also in data-driven sectors such as healthcare, financial services, education, life sciences, consumer, and clean energy. (source: MassTLC: 2016 State of the Technology Economy)

This year, real estate firm Savills ranked Boston eighth in its Tech Cities 2017 report, which ranks 22 cities across the world “at the forefront of the global tech industry”.

The five city categories assessed are Business Environment, Tech Environment, City Buzz & Wellness, Talent Pool, and Real Estate Costs. A mecca for some of the most prestigious universities in the world (MIT, Harvard, and 33 others), Boston ranked as the top city in the Talent Pool category.

Other information highlighted in the report:

  • City population: 667,000
  • City GDP per capita: $87,308
  • Established tech firm office rent per week per sq ft: $72
  • Prime residential rent per week per sq ft: $1,400
  • Cost of a Flat White: $3.37
  • Startups per 1,000 people: 5.8
  • Cost of a single journey on local transport: $2.50
  • Annual passengers across the city’s airports: 39.1 million

Additional awards in high-tech have included:

  • #4 High Tech City and #1 City for high-tech education in Popular Science
  • Ranked in the top 10 Cities for Technology by Forbes, Scientific America, and Wired Magazines
  • Massachusetts was ranked the #1 innovative state in Bloomberg’s index because of the Route 128 corridor (“The Tech Highway”), a few minutes north of Boston

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