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Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Named Best Patriotic Attraction

USA Today readers recently named the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum as the “Best Patriotic Attraction” in the USA.

The Boston Tea Party Ships won over other famed attractions, including the Statue of Liberty, Gettysburg National Park, and Colonial Williamsburg. Local sites the Plimoth Plantation (#4) and Freedom Trail (#7) also topped the top 10 “Best Patriotic Attractions” list.

Located on the Fort Point Channel in Boston Harbor, within walking distance of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, the Boston Tea Party Ships offer stunning views of the South Boston Waterfront and surrounding cityscape and an immersive historical experience, with reception space for up to 300 people.

About The Ships: The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum features two authentic replica 18th Century sailing ships, the Brig Beaver and the Eleanor, designed by Master Shipwright Leon Poindexter. Both of these ships took part in the historic events of December 16, 1773 when the Sons of Liberty dumped tea overboard into Boston Harbor. The museum is designed to give guests the opportunity to participate, explore, and learn about the people, events, and consequences that led up to the American Revolution in the order in which they actually occurred more than 230 years ago.

Reception spaces include:

  • Abigail’s Tea Room & Terrace: an indoor event space with a fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows
  • The Ships and the Deck: an outdoor maritime setting on a 1000 square foot deck called Griffin’s Wharf
  • The Complete Museum Experience: an interactive experience led by Sons & Daughters of Liberty (guests will relive the infamous night and dump the tea into the sea!), plus rental of Abigail’s Tea Room & Terrace and Griffin’s Wharf

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