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Captivate Your Attendees and Increase Impact with Our Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities!

At the BCEC and the Hynes, our award winning technology can be put to use to expand your event’s visibility, engage with attendees, and bolster revenue. Beginning today, you can view everything Signature Boston has to offer through our newly launched Branding and Sponsorship website,

The variety of displays, advertising locations, and wireless network branding opportunities ensure that no matter where an attendee is, there will be eyes on the messaging you want to deliver.

  • The BCEC’s Marquee reaches a daily audience of more than 225,000 attendees, pedestrians, and vehicles, and is often the first thing to catch attendees’ attention as they approach the building.
  • The 160-foot Video Wall in the BCEC’s North Lobby is located in one of the most highly-trafficked areas of the facility and is visible from Summer Street outside the BCEC.
  • Our Digital Signage Networks at both the Hynes and the BCEC are strategically located and can be individually programmed to display customized messages throughout your event.
  • Sponsorship and Advertising across both buildings gives you a versatile and effective platform to showcase your event sponsors, exhibitors. Packages are available based upon your booked space, but for unique opportunities to fit a specific space or budget, a la carte options are available.
  • Our Wireless Network provides free high speed internet access to more than 35,000 (BCEC) and 15,000 (Hynes) concurrent users. When you add Wi-Fi sign-in branding to your sponsorship package, you ensure every attendee has eyes on the messaging of your choice when they connect.

If you want to take advantage of these opportunities, but need assistance creating or preparing your messaging, our Digital Media Team is ready to work alongside you. The Digital Media Team will help guide and assist with every aspect of your digital branding needs. From concept to execution, the team will help by introducing you to all options available for your event, and ensuring all content meets programming criteria.

Head to for more details about our branding and sponsorship opportunities available, and when you’re ready, contact our Sales Team at to get started!