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Sweet Treats Surround Boston's Convention Centers (Part I: BCEC)

Boston is home to sweet treats and delicious desserts just steps away from the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center! The growing, adjacent Seaport District and other neighborhoods around the city offer traditional baked favorites and new innovations. Take a look at few of our favorite spots where you and your attendees can enjoy desserts including regional specialties, international offerings, and more for all palates! 

Flour Bakery + Cafe
0.4 miles from Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC), 2.0 miles from Hynes Convention Center

Figure 1 Flour

With the original bakery located in our neighboring town in the South End, Flour opened two locations in the heart of Seaport. Baked goods made by an award-winning pastry chef and the co-owner, Joanne Chang, are available daily in the nine locations around Boston. Selections of goodies range from fresh baked goods to delicious drinks and hot foods. 

Editor’s Recommendation: Brown Sugar Meringue Cookie

0.1 miles from BCEC, 2.3 miles from Hynes 

Figure 2 CocoricoFigure 3 Cocorico

Located in the Omni Hotel across the street from the BCEC, Cocorico is a French-style coffeeshop featuring an array of fresh baked pastries as well as drinks. With different menus in the morning and in the afternoon, try Cocorico's hot foods and pastries in the display cases.

Editor’s Recommendation: Raspberry Pistachio Croissant

Tatte Bakery & Cafe
0.5 miles from BCEC, 2.3 miles from Hynes 

Figure 5 Tatte

Spread out all around the Greater Boston & DC area, Tatte is a go-to spot for locals and visitors here. What started with founder Tzurit Or selling her baked pastries at a Boston farmers market is now a recognizable name all around the city. Specializing in all-day breakfast and brunch, Tatte has so much to offer as a convenient place to catch up and grab food.

Editor’s Recommendation: Crumbs Cheesecake Cup

Ben & Jerry's
0.5 miles from BCEC, 2.1 miles from Hynes 

Figure 6 Ben & JerryFigure 7 Ben & Jerry

Ben & Jerry’s is the perfect place to head over to after dinner nearby. This New England staple ice cream features a range of ice cream goodies and even offers custom cakes. It is never too cold for ice cream in Boston. 

Editor’s Recommendation: Half Baked Shake

Glenn’s Kreme & Kone at the Hood Milk Bottle
0.5 miles from BCEC, 1.9 miles from Hynes 

Figure 8 Glenn

This 40-foot Hood bottle is a staple in the Seaport landscape located next to the Children’s Museum. Offering Hood ice cream, it is the best treat after a fun visit to the museum or a nice stroll along the harbor.

Editor’s Recommendations: Twisted Soft Serve

Taiyaki NYC
0.4 miles from BCEC, 2.2 miles from Hynes

Figure 9 Taiyaki

After a nice stroll in the Seaport district, make a stop at Taiyaki from NYC. With Japanese Taiyaki (fish-like cone) as the base of delicious flavors of soft serve, the combinations of dough and cream are endless.  

Editor’s Recommendation: Hojicha-cha

Mia's Brooklyn Bakery
0.3 miles from BCEC, 2.3 miles from Hynes

Figure 10 Mias

Recently opened, Mia’s Brooklyn Bakery brings all the traditional pastries and desserts from New York to the Boston Seaport. Try all the flavors of their cakes by slices!

Editor’s Recommendation: New York Cheesecake

To expand your sweet treat journey in Boston, venture into these nearby neighborhoods either on foot or via public transportation (the T):

Chinatown: Great Taste Bakery
1.0 miles from BCEC, 1.3 miles from Hynes 

Figure 11 Great Taste

Stop by Chinatown for rich history as well as delicious eats featuring Southern Chinese cuisine and plenty of boba shops and bakeries. Come to Great Taste Bakery for all the Chinese pastries in one place. They offer affordable prices and a great assortment next to their sister restaurant with dim sum and traditional Southern Chinese cuisine. 

Editor’s Recommendation: Portuguese Egg Tart

North End: Bova's
1.6 miles from BCEC, 2.1 miles from Hynes

Figure 12 BovaFigure 13 Bova

The North End has its rivalry among bakeries. Beyond the across-the-street competition between Modern Pastry and Mike’s Pastry, check out Bova’s next to the deli shop. It is open 24 hours and offers just about any Italian baked good you can think of. Pistachio cannoli? Don’t mind if we do. 

Editor’s Recommendation: Pistachio Cannoli 

Share with us what your favorite place is from this list! Check out our BCEC Dining & Entertainment Guide for more places to eat and socialize near the BCEC. We hope your sweet tooth is ready to indulge before or after your meeting at the Convention Center!

Plus, be on the lookout for Part II, where we highlight sweet spots around the Hynes!

This blog post was written by our intern Emily Huang, who is a junior at Boston University majoring in Event Management & Marketing.